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Project Description
* Downloads RSS Feeds to your hard drive
* Downloads images
* Designed to run on a daily basis (gets only new posts since last download)
* Supports RSS and Atom
* Creates a summary page with abstracts for each post
* Can download full content from associated websites if RSS feed only contains an abstract
* Can extract content (strip header and footer) of associated websites using regular expressions
* Writes per-feed customizable HTML via custom CSS ID tags
* Generates a manifest.xml file for the IRex Iliad

How To Use
For a description of why this was created and how to use it see Lee Richardson's Blog Entry about it.


Main Configuration Screen
The main screen below allows adding multiple RSS or Atom feeds.
01 - Main Screen.jpg

Feed Settings
The Washington Post feed below is configured to download the main content from the site and extract the content via regular expression start and end markers.
02 - Feed Settings.jpg

Index Page
A generated index page shows abstracts for articles and provides links to the downloaded content.
03 - Index.jpg

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